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Welcome, welcome, welcome.

The Podcast of Perpetual Plastix is here, praise be! Episode 1: ‘How can you put milk in a brown paper bag?’

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been hard at work researching, sourcing and editing the first episode of the Sisters Podcast. This 13-minute file is a collection of opinions, statements and voices that centre around the usage and detrimental impacts plastics have on us and our environment.

Throughout this episode you can hear the voices of Juundaal Strang-Yettica, my Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandmother and two youngest nieces. I wanted to question them about their knowledge on plastics, and give them the platform and space to think critically about their own lasting footprints.

It’s a very warm environment. Recorded on Mother’s Day, you can hear doors slamming, children arguing and others laughing. I apologise for the compromise in audio, but in some ways this episode accidentally caught the essence of my family home. So enjoy!

Song Credits: Plastic Highlighters, Plastic in the House, 2020

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