Plastic Penance with HRH MC Nannarchy

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In part two of The Podcast of Perpetual Plastix, Sister Ninny Nurdles sits down with the one and only HRH MC Nannarchy (or Nanna for short).


HRH MC Nannarchy is aided and abetted by her granddaughter Helen Ramoutsaki. Dr Ramoutsaki is an Adjunct Research Associate with the Creative Ecologies Research Theme at The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.

This 16-minute interview focuses on Nanna, as she shoots her satirical plastic opinions, from her point of view as a plastic-led researcher and the Queen of the Plasticene Marine. Our conversation includes her views on plastic confession, the capital plastic sins, and her bid for royal domination through her royal divine right to a used-plastic monopoly-vinyl.

Throughout our lighthearted discussion, Nanna also attends to the serious underlying messages about over-consumption, plastic waste and privileging the economy over the environment. Find out about her ‘plasti-avarice’, what the HRH in her name stands for, and what her magic recipe is for saving the world. She might even be hiding something from us, so tune-in to find out.

It was an absolute honour to sit down and have a chat with MC Nannarchy. I would like to thank her on behalf of everyone here at the PLASTIC-FREE BIENNALE team, she is nothing less than a literary firecracker. To check out more from Helen and Nanna, click here.

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