‘Gleaning for Plastix’ in conversation with Rox de Luca

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On Friday the 28th of August, The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix made a voyage out to Leichhardt to visit the Articulate project space. We were visiting another protector of plastix, Rox de Luca.

Rox’s most recent exhibition ‘Gleaning for plastics, defying wastefulness’ features incredibly intricate arrangements of plastics, sourced when walking her local beach, either on Bondi or in Rose Bay.

“She collects the weather-worn fragments from the sand, and she takes them home to clean and to categorize by size, colour and shape. Then her defiant transformations occur”.  

Gleaning for plastics, defying wastefulness by Paul Allatson © 2020  

Rox was warm in welcoming Sister GlitterNullius, Kim Williams, Sister Ninny Nurdles, and Meryn Martin; touring us through her exhibition, telling us about her holy process of accumulation. Rox’s space was breathtaking for both good and bad reasons alike. While these sculptural arrangements were vibrant, mimicking something organic and natural, the suffocating sense of ignorance and wastefulness permeated past the visual aesthetics of the work.

Taken by a pleasant surprise we were also joined by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the founder of ‘Plastic-Free July’, and author of recently published ‘Plastic Free: The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why it Matters’.

Sitting down over a cuppa, the five of us had a lengthy conversation around the exhibition, and more broadly, the plastic dilemma we’re all currently facing and what can be done to aid in managing this major environmental problem. This conversation was recorded and can be found on this website within the coming days.

I would like to thank both Rox and Rebecca for sitting down and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and being incredibly generous with your time. I also want to thank Kim Williams as well for facilitating this dialogue and arranging the meeting, it was a huge eye-opener for both of the Sisters.

Keep your eyes peeled for our interview! It’s well worth the listen!

Sister Ninny Nurdles signing off.

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