Industrial Plastix: Whose sin is it anyway…?

Collaborating Editor: Jesse Tyssen, 2020.

Welcome ! Welcome! Sister GlitterNullius reporting to you! I’ve been out and about investigating where we might find some absolution for our plastic-waste sins and whether it really is a matter of individuals’ digressions or is a higher power calling the shots?

Perhaps my children we can consider the industries that produce and feed our plastix addiction, might themselves share the responsibility? Perhaps we could reduce our plastic-waste if we changed how we manufacture? What if governments and multi-nationals had to adhere to strong environmental protection rules? Who is going to make that call? Cannot The Deadly Sins hold industry and governments accountable or do you think the problem is insurmountable?

I will leave you to ponder and pray upon these questions, because it’s all starting to feel like a dizzying plastic loop right now! It’s all such a huge complicated problem! Even the chosen faithful can begin to lose faith! This nun needs a little nip… Oh! I mean, a little nap!

Your Friend, in and out of Plastix! Four Gods forever and ever! Goodnight… Oh! I mean…Amen!

Sister GlitterNullius! X