Absolution in the age of COVID-19


Today’s stats reveal that Australia currently has 6,713 confirmed cases of COVID-19, half of those in NSW alone. Worldwide we’re bordering on hitting 3 million positive cases, with over 206,000 deaths total, and sadly it just keeps growing.

It’s in times like these that we often doubt our sources of spirituality. Why me and my family? Why am I suffering despite being a strong person of faith?

As someone who struggles answering to a higher being, I can relate to these overwhelming feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. My industry is collapsing, my family is struggling and here I am deteriorating, yet I still don’t feel compelled to try and communicate with the man who sits in the clouds…

Perhaps I’m staging my own absolution?

This project has acted as a godsend, keeping me preoccupied and busy, granting me the time to question and explore my relationships with religion and plastic-wastefulness and environmental sustainability.

As COVID continues to shift how we should live our lives, Earth thanks us for taking the time to slow down and reflect on this current epoch. Due to extensive travel bans and social restrictions, pollution and greenhouse gases have decreased, and our emissions have dropped enormously.

But when the world starts to turn again, will these mass amounts of toxicity and pollution begin to seep back into our ecosphere? Most likely.

This week saw Sister Ninny Nurdles and Sister GlitterNullius arrange a meet-up at Shellharbour cemetery, abiding by all social rules and regulations, mind you.

We captured some collective footage of us singing ‘ring-around-the-rosie’, skipping through headstones, playing patty-cake, and ringing our glorious hand-bells that were intended to serve as a cue for the start of our sermon on Cockatoo Island. Below I have attached some still images from this shoot, and full film segments will be up on the blog within the week.

I thought it might be useful to mention the two photographs below, both taken by Juundaal and myself. Both of these images look like they belong in the same family, capturing similar ideas and motifs, completely coincidental in conception. It’s safe to say although the characters of Sister Ninny Nurdles and Sister GlitterNullius are starkly different, they definitely belong within the same universe.

Future developments are quickly coming in, so make sure to watch this space for updates. I have set up a ‘confess your sins’ form on our website, we would love to collect your plastic-waste sins and confessions to engage with on our end for future plastix-based purposes. Thanks for reading this far, bless you.

Sister Ninny Nurdles signing off.

One thought on “Absolution in the age of COVID-19

  1. Ah, excuse my intrusion Sister Ninny Nurdles, but the holy books are not in the correct order, Dear! The book on the left, with the seed necklace is Juundaal’s!
    Your Friend, In & Out of Plastix,
    Sister GlitterNullius. X

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