The Sisters have received another confession! Let’s read it together…?

The tree is your brother…

Come in… come in! Greetings! Greetings! The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix have received their first confession! So, let’s open it and see if we can help! Starlo is a middle-aged biker who writes…

Bless me Sisters for I have sinned. This is my first plastic sin confession….I make a conscious effort not to bring plastics into the house but when I do the grocery shopping, everything’s in plastic! My family have to eat and there’s no time left in the day to be the plastic police! What difference can one person make? The harder I try, the harder it seems to get! It’s hopeless and give up in the end! The more aware I become, the more plastic I see! I’m having nightmares where I am drowning in plastix!

I give up sometimes! It’s insurmountable! How can I be a better consumer Sisters?

JUUNDAAL From a safer 2 metres…


Nigh yiggun Juundaal aka Sister GlitterNullius. Ngay garni yugen Bundjalung, Kannakan. Nigh Jihanny biyanny yugen Dharawal. Thankyou Kim and Lucas for the opportunity to learn here.

Come in, come in…Come with me, sit… sit child and tell me your troubles… tell me your plastic worries… Let me ask you something When is a footprint more than an impression on the sand? Tell me your impressions…?

The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix understand the dilemma and are able to empathise with you. We understand your apparent addiction to plastic versus the earth’s fight to exist. The Sisters are able to explore our intimate feelings of guilt, apathy, anger and intersect these with the nun’s sense of fun. The Sisiers offer, empathy, soothing comfort, humour and a little sting. For your plastic sins, we offer absolution (BYO container), healing ways and solution-based penances are also available, peppered with a hint of sarcasm and irony.

Come one, come all, come all saints and sinners to confess and be blessed! Until next time!

Your Friend, in and out of plastic,

Sister GlitterNullius!