The Sisters have received another confession! Let’s read it together…?

The tree is your brother…

Come in… come in! Greetings! Greetings! The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix have received their first confession! So, let’s open it and see if we can help! Starlo is a middle-aged biker who writes…

Bless me Sisters for I have sinned. This is my first plastic sin confession….I make a conscious effort not to bring plastics into the house but when I do the grocery shopping, everything’s in plastic! My family have to eat and there’s no time left in the day to be the plastic police! What difference can one person make? The harder I try, the harder it seems to get! It’s hopeless and give up in the end! The more aware I become, the more plastic I see! I’m having nightmares where I am drowning in plastix!

I give up sometimes! It’s insurmountable! How can I be a better consumer Sisters?

Bless you child for you have sinned…

Oh my poor child! I bless you a child of the plastix epidemic…You are not alone. Millions and billions of people are trapped in the very same dilemma! But my child…you must dig deeper. Be guided by your love for your family and their future. And consider my Dear, that when you leave this confessional that all living creatures are your family and deserve a future. The tree is your brother…You would never forsake your family?

Bless you my child. In this vein you must not forsake your duty to your family and I serve your penances… Your penance will be that you must, everyday for one week, collect as many pieces of plastic rubbish as you have children and grandchildren. Then for one more week, you must teach your children this penance and they teach theirs. From this, you are to learn, that you are one man, one drop that makes an ocean whole. So too my child, you must learn that the sins of the father will be penances for his son.

Let not thine apathy grow to sloth, though the problem remains insurmountable for one man. If the slothing doesn’t get you, the Apathy will! Go in peace. Four gods forever and ever, Amen.

Suburban Superheroes eternally required in the war against plastix-waste!
Collaborating Editor: Jesse Tyssen

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