Cate confesses via social media… every parents struggle in the modern world..


A suburban Mother fights her plastic foes!

Well my children amongst us, an environmental warrior and a strong woman of faith! Cate shows us the rock and the hard place that many parents find themselves in. Torn between the compelling want to give to their children and the dilemma of trying to face off with Mickey D’s use of plastix in their enticements of our children, at the expense of their future!

We will keep you updated about Cate’s war on plastix and multi-national food and beverage companies that manipulate and prey upon children, the future, to buy their evil plastix wrapped products! We will proudly await her record of Penance!

Go in peace Cate and be blessed in your battles for the future of our children, human and non-human!

Visitors… if you have plastic-waste sins or concerns you need to confess or share, Sister Ninny Nurdles and I will gladly receive your burdens to carry them with you.

Your Friend in and out of Plastix,

Sister GlitterNullius

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