Alleluia! It’s here!

The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix – filming credits: Janet Halshaw and Kim Williams

Alleluia! It has finally arrived! The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix would like to introduce their first collective film experimentation.

Recorded over late February and early March, both Sisters found themselves at Shellharbour cemetery, engaging with scores of movement, text and locality. Some footage of Sister Ninny Nurdles was sourced from a previous shoot.

Here you can witness both Sisters ringing their hand bells, as a form of communication between one another. Some ringing is synchronised in order to demonstrate shared beliefs and shared messages. I have also tried to emphasise this through editing moments of us both in silent prayer. This process of ringing was supposed to cue the beginning of the Sisters performative confessional on Cockatoo Island.

The speech you can hear Sister Ninny Nurdles reciting was written by Sister GlitterNullius in the beginning stages of our project. Psalm 23, contains religious references intertwined with symbology of plastic-waste, the Anthropocene and wider ecological and environmental destruction.

Throughout, you can see both Sisters wearing protective clothing like latex gloves and face masks. We wanted to reference the changes in our art-making processes by addressing the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Images of the Sisters playing paddy-cake are interspersed between images of hands running through nurdles, and other close-up shots of plastics found by Kim Williams on her walks along Port Kembla Beach.

The closing shot features Sister Ninny Nurdles in slow-motion running, leaping and spinning across the frame. This image strikes me because it was unintentionally captured in slow-motion, seeming to reflect the current transitory epoch where time doesn’t quite feel real anymore.

Writing: Sister GlitterNullius

Editing: Sister Ninny Nurdles

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